Colorado hiker breaks ankle on Wyoming mountain, records video before rescue

Alexandra "Lexi" DeForest on a Wyoming mountainside. Aug. 2012

Alexandra “Lexi” DeForest on a Wyoming mountainside. Aug. 2012

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A Colorado woman is fast-becoming a viral video star on YouTube after she videotaped a vivid, graphic and dramatic story of survival after breaking her ankle while hiking down a mountain in Wyoming.

It was at night, she was by herself, and she couldn’t go anywhere because of her ankle injury. She recorded the video while she endured the frightening situation she was in.

Alexandra “Lexi” DeForest of Fort Collins told about the scary hour she spent on a mountain near Vedauwoo, Wyo.

“When I filmed myself, I didn’t want to feel anxious. I guess it was to take my mind off of what had happened, and to give myself some peace in knowing that I was still level-headed,” she told in a telephone interview Friday.

DeForest is a senior at Colorado State University.

She posted the video Wednesday after showing it to several friends who thought it was “hilarious.”

It had more than 20,000 views by late Friday afternoon.

“Oh, so this is me. I just broke my ankle. Eww. Second time now,” she says on the video after showing her ankle, which is clearly broken.

“Come on Lexi,” she said, “you would think you would be better at this by now, this walking thing.

“This is me moving my foot, and it’s really gross. I’d show you more but if I looked at it, I might vomit on myself. And no one wants to see that. But, I don’t know first-aid for a foot that is not attached to your ankle. Um, I am doing the best I can.”

She talks for almost seven minutes. Her calm demeanor is amazing.

“The good thing is that I can’t feel it,” she tells viewers to the clip. “You can’t be mad at that.

“Yeah, the bone isn’t really attached. It’s truly something. So, I think this is the only way I can put it, but I am [expletive] scared. I am really scared. But in the calmest, coolest sense. Um, Thank you, Chris, for telling me to get my fishing license because you know what that means…that means I get free search and rescue.”

This all started when she and her friend, Erik Henry decided to go on a quick camping trip about 90 minutes north of the CSU campus.

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She was eventually rescued and airlifted to Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland. DeForest is back at the off-campus place she shares with her friends. School starts Monday.

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