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DENVER — Colorado had the fourth-highest voter turnout in the November presidential election, according to a report released Thursday.

It’s the third consecutive presidential election in which Colorado has ranked among the top five in terms of turnout.

Minnesota (74.8 percent), Maine (72.8 percent) and New Hampshire (72.5) ranked ahead of Colorado (72.1 percent). Wisconsin (70.5 percent) was fifth.

The national average was 60.2 percent. The report was done by a joint effort of Nonprofit VOTE and the U.S. Elections Project.

“Being a battleground state always helps, of course, but that’s not enough,” Secretary of State Wayne Williams said. “Colorado’s trust in the people and our policies and practices also drive up turnout.”

“Colorado is really in an elite group of the top five states,” said George Pillsbury, senior consultant for Nonprofit VOTE. “It really shows what’s possible if the state enacts policies that help promote voter participation, as well as develop a strong civic culture of encouraging voter turnout.”