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DENVER — A 12-year-old Colorado girl has become a role model for selfless giving, and she’s hoping to start a much bigger trend.

Kyra Dooley has had a knack for making headlines in the past three years. For the past few years, instead of asking for birthday and Christmas gifts, she has asked for donations for different causes.

On Saturday, she made her latest delivery: More than $1,200 in pet food and supplies for PawsCo, a Denver nonprofit focused on animal rescue and pet food drives.

“We’ll be giving some of the food to our fosters and to our rescue animals,” said Tiana Nelson, president of PawsCo. “But then we’ll also be donating to the Food Bank of the Rockies so that they can help families in need.”

“That is better than any present I could have gotten,” Kyra said. “To make an animal or someone happy is better than anything.”

Maybe that’s why Kyra has made it a habit. For her birthday this summer, she and a friend raised money to buy a new TV for an Aurora fire station.

She’s also taken up projects for the homeless and the local Ronald McDonald House.

Kyra is pretty serious about making this a trend. She’s started a Twitter account @MyOneBirthday in hopes of encouraging other kids to forgo gifts in order to give to others during one of their birthdays.