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DENVER — Rob Manzanares has been fighting for custody of his daughter since before she was born four years ago.

“Her birth mother refused to obey a Colorado court order barring any adoption by crossing state lines where she let her brother take custody of our daughter,” said Manzanares. “The adoption has been voided but not before I racked up more than $140,000 in legal fees.”

Now, the man dying to get to know his daughter is beaming since a Colorado judge ordered Manzanares to have regular visits with the little girl.

“We met a few weeks ago, and it was just awesome. We played daughter-daddy games with dolls and a doll house. I can’t tell you how I felt, it was just crazy!” said Manzanares.

The judge here in Denver, where the custody case is playing out, is now ordering both birth parents and the adoptive parents to have quality time with the little girl.

For Rob, it has meant being introduced as a friend of the psychologist who is handling the re-introduction therapy. This is the same doctor who helped kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart get to know her birth parents again.

“He knows how to make all of this happen, so we will just you know, go with the flow as we get to know each other. For me, I am glad the judge said we should have more than one visit a month. He suggested a couple times a month at least. If I have to live in Utah for a month or two, I will do it for sure,” said Manzanares.

The case will be back in court mid-July. No timetable for when Rob will be introduced as the child’s real father. But, that day is very close.