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DENVER — A player’s NFL draft stock was based on a local company’s technology. Before they get to the NFL draft, football players start at the NFL combine. It’s where coaches and scouts watch players go through a series of tests.

Mike Weinstein, CEO of Colorado-based Zybeck, has created an automated timing system to make sure it’s done right.

“Whenever the hand is lifted up and starts the run, timer starts and when it crosses the line where the laser is, time stops,” said Weinstein.

Weinstein created it to make sure players are measured the same.

“When you’re being timed with a stopwatch, the coach will press the button when he sees the first motion,” said Weinstein.

They also test pro agility, vertical leap, 3-cone shuffle and a new test using a force plate to measure an athlete’s explosiveness.

Weinstein’s technology has been used at the NFL combine the last five years and now his team is taking it to universities and high schools across the country.

“We’ll put a bar code on their shirt and the barcode will follow them throughout the combine testing,” said Weinstein.

“They say, ‘I’m faster than Jamison Winston, according to my coach and we put them on our system and say, ‘Hey you’re going to get your feelings hurt today,” said Francisco Lujan with RC Events. “It’s fully automated, there’s no human error, there’s no favoritism.”

At the end of the day, athletes get a card with their results.

“We can show an athlete where they are, where they hope to be and where they dream to be,” said Weinstein.

Zybek was also involved in testing athletes in basketball, softball and lacrosse.