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GOLDEN, Colo. — A Colorado-based Web development company received threats Tuesday after it was discovered it once provided IT services to a Minnesota dentist who said he killed a well-known lion in Zimbabwe.

Walter James Palmer, a self-described game hunter and successful dentist, is accused of killing Cecil the lion during a hunt earlier this month.

The doctor released a statement in self-defense after animal rights activists called for an investigation online and at Palmer’s dental clinic.

“There is no justification in killing an animal that wasn’t bothering anybody else,” said Christopher Flugge, an animal rights protester interviewed by local media on Tuesday.

Since news of the hunting incident was first reported, Palmer and known associates have received several violent threats.

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The president of Golden-based Page One Solutions said it had received several calls, emails and Facebook posts about its former customer. The company is responding to each post and asked Colorado residents not to rush to judgment.

“We abhor what he did and don’t condone it in anyway, and we make it clear we don’t represent him,” Dan Goldstein said.

The company, up until 2013, provided Web consulting for Palmer’s dental practice.