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DENVER — When you live in the city it’s easy to forget what quiet sounds like. It’s that sound, or lack thereof, that brought Aaron Voorhees to his dream home in the mountains.

“To be here and have wildlife on our property and be in the mountains, and be in God’s country, this is what it’s about for my family,” he said.

But anyone who moves to the Colorado mountains knows that for all the benefits, there are dangers: raging wildfires wiping out these mountain sanctuaries in an instant.

While evacuating his own home and watching heartbreaking video of houses going up in flames, Voorhees, who has a long background in construction, started thinking.

Enter a product called FireIce. It’s a water enhancer and flames just can’t fight back. It’s the key to Voorhees’ new company, Colorado Firebreak. With one switch to a system of pipes and sprinklers the FireIce gets to work.

The mixture sprays on the home and on the trees, leaving behind a thick, protective gel that’s impossible to ignite.

One of the reasons they chose FireIce is because not only is it effective, it’s biodegradable and safe for the environment. So safe, you can actually eat it.

Through Colorado Firebreak, Voorhees hopes to give homeowners peace of mind.

“I think that we can help save some of these homes,” he said.

The company has different levels of home protection systems. You can explore the options at their website: