Hundreds of Colo. jobs could be lost if lawmakers restrict gun magazines

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Formed in Colorado in 1999 by a former Marine, the successful Colorado company Magpul Industries employees over 200 people and offers over 500 polymer products.

But it’s one of their products that has garnered national attention, and controversy.

It’s the 30-round rifle magazine designed for the AR-15 and the military M4 and M16 rifles.

Famously or infamously known as the high capacity magazine.

It accounts for almost half of all sales at Magpul. “It’s the standard that’s used in our military as well as allied militaries. With state, federal and local law enforcement as well as hunters, recreational shooters, competitors and responsible citizens all over the united states,” says Duane Liptak, director of Magpul Dynamics in Erie, Colorado.

Magpul calls it the standard capacity magazine.

Colorado lawmakers want to call it illegal if House Bill 1224 passes and becomes law.

It would prohibit the sale, transfer or possession of rifle magazines holding more than 15 rounds.  If the bill indeed passes, it could spell the end of this 13-year-old Colorado company.

It would also mean the end of hundreds of jobs. “A little over 200 jobs right here at our assembly, shipping and design as well as our headquarters facility and probably another 400 or even more at our suppliers, sub-contractors, and service providers throughout Colorado,” said Liptak.

Add to that the $85 million to the local economy Magpul would have spent in 2013.

Liptak says they are proud to be a Colorado-born company.  They want to stay.  But in the end, it’s up to Colorado lawmakers.

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