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DENVER (KDVR) — “Their voices may now be silent . . . those who may know the truth are not,” the Colorado Bureau of Investigation shared as a part of its mission as it works to assist in bringing justice to cold case tragedies.

There are hundreds of unsolved homicide cases, long-term missing person cases, and unidentified remains cases in our state where at least three years have passed since the crime happened.

The Colorado cold case task force created a list of those cases dating back to 1970. The Problem Solvers are working to highlight cold cases in our state each week.

1999 triple murder

The CBI, Westminster Police Department, and Thornton Police Department are working to solve a triple murder that happened 24 years ago.

Detectives started looking into the suspicious disappearance of Sarah Skiba, 9, her father Paul Skiba, and Lorenzo Chivers in February of 1999.

Chivers was an employee of Paul’s moving company and storage facility, which was located near Raleigh Street and 70th Avenue in Westminster.

Investigators said they found physical evidence at the moving and storage facility, as well as in or on two moving trucks owned by the business.

There was also blood found at the facility, which was identified with DNA to be from both Paul and Sarah.

Timeline of the investigation

During the investigation, detectives said forensic evidence indicated Sarah, Paul, and Chivers were likely murdered near 72nd Avenue and Raleigh Street in Westminster on Feb. 7, 1999.

The CBI said that on Feb. 17, a vehicle that belonged to Chivers was located several blocks away from the moving and storage facility at an apartment complex parking lot near 68th Avenue and Lowell Boulevard in Westminster.

Then, 10 days later on Feb. 27, a vehicle that belonged to Paul was located at an apartment complex near Arkansas Avenue and Federal Boulevard in Denver.

No suspect information has been released.

To this day, the case remains unsolved and the bodies of Sarah, Paul and Chivers have never been found.

If you have any information that might bring closure and justice to this investigation, please reach out to the Westminster Police Department at 303-658-4360.

Highlighting cold cases in Colorado

Here are some of the other cases we’ve highlighted:

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The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System shows there are over 20,000 open missing persons cases in the United States and over 300 in Colorado.