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DENVER (KDVR) — There are hundreds of unsolved homicide cases, long-term missing person cases, and unidentified remains cases in Colorado where at least three years have passed since the crime happened.

The Colorado cold case task force created a list of those cases dating back to 1970. The Problem Solvers are working to highlight cold cases in our state.

Who murdered Stephanie Bauman?

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation and Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office are working to solve a cold case murder from Oct. 28, 1980, exactly 42 years ago.

Investigators say that Stephanie Bauman’s body was found bruised and lying in a ditch off County Road 173 near US 36. Her clothes were found in a pile nearly a mile away from her body.

The sheriff’s office said Bauman died due to hypothermia.

Prior to her murder, the sheriff’s office said Bauman, 15, lived in a group home for severely troubled kids who had nowhere to go. Two weeks before she was found dead, Bauman reportedly ran away from the group home.

During the investigation, deputies learned that Bauman was in the process of contacting out-of-state family members to arrange returning home.

To this day, her case remains unsolved.

The sheriff’s office said there are DNA samples taken during the investigation as evidence.

If you have any information regarding this case, you are encouraged to contact Arapahoe
County Sheriff’s Office at 303-795-4711, or email

Highlighting cold cases in Colorado

Here are some of the other cases we’ve highlighted:

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The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System shows there are currently 21,556 open missing persons cases in the United States and over 300 in Colorado.