Taylor Calmus, aka “Dude Dad” and his wife Heidi have more than 4 million followers on Facebook, viral videos on YouTube and TikTok all on being a dad.

The Calmus family live here in Colorado and create content on what fatherhood is really like and that it’s cool to be a dad. His videos are not only about being a dad, but also the nuances of being a Coloradoan. Have you seen the latest on “Colorado Moms Be Like”? It’s funny because a lot of it is true, which is why the Calmus has seen so much success.

To build on their success, the Calmus recently published “A Dude’s Guide to Baby Size,” a book to help guide dudes to become dads. With so many books out there for expecting moms, the Calmus thought that dads also need a book to help them along the journey of parenthood.