Colorado automobile sales down almost 18% compared to last year


DENVER (KDVR) — The Colorado Automotive Dealers Association released a report of automobile sales for the first six months in Colorado. Compared to last year, sales are down almost 18%.

Down, but not out. “To help us get out of that recession and that downturn all the manufactures flipped the switch on incentives,” Tim Jackson, CADA president, said.

Zero percent interest and no payments for three months got a lot of folks to sign that bottom line. “It created such a huge demand that our biggest problem at our dealerships today is no cars to sell,” Jackson said.

According to the CADA, some dealerships only have about 10% of inventory. “When a truck comes in with a load of cars to drop off for inventory, people are buying cars off that truck,” Jackson said.

As the pandemic pushes on, so does peoples precautions. Public transportation has tanked in numbers and people are finding the ultimate social distancing inside their cars. “It’s outside the home, but you are still inside the car, it’s your private cocoon, it’s your safe place.” Jackson said.

Bad news for car consumers though, dealer inventory is low, demand is high, not a lot of wiggle room for discounts. “Profitability is up, we are making more money even though we are selling less cars, it’s a crazy thing,” Jackson said.

The automobile, once a symbol of freedom, now a symbol of safety.

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