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LONGMONT, Colo. — A new bookstore in Longmont dedicated to books only written by Colorado authors had its grand opening Saturday.

The store is called Local Editions.

Ron Vejrostek, the owner of the store who just recently published his first book, says he decided to open the Colorado-centric bookstore after finding it difficult to find a shop that continually showcases Colorado authors.

“Colorado people are really good at supporting Colorado things, so what we have is nothing but Colorado authors in here,” said Vejrostek. “And a lot of these books are signed by the authors.”

The books will sell for full price. Vejrostek plans to keep 30 percent of the profits while giving the authors the remaining 70 percent.

“That’s a heck of a deal too, because most bookstores will only give them 50 percent,” Vejrostek told the Denver Post.

The store will feature a wide variety of books from poetry to romance; Even aspiring young authors will get a chance to showcase their work.

The bookstore will also sell coffee and tea for a dollar.