Jamie Siebrase is Denver-based freelance writer and author of her latest book: Mythbusting the Great Outdoors: What’s True and What’s Not?. The book is set to be released on September 1st.

Siebrase describe the book as a fun title for readers of all ages. The book debunks a wide rage of outdoor-related myths spanning thirteen topics. From avalanches and earthquakes to celestial navigation, bears, moss, wilderness survival and so much more.

To bust the myths, Siebrase interviewed top scientists, researchers, rangers and experts from across the country and in the process she learned some really fascinating things. For example, traditionally, park rangers have advised playing dead with “grizzlies” (i.e. brown bears) and fighting back with black bears, which we have here in Colorado. That myth is still all over the internet and widely repeated, but it’s inaccurate and totally out of tune with bear behavior according to the Alaskan biologist she interviewed. 

This book is for anyone interested in science, nature or good storytelling. Jamie’s goal was to take tons of scientific facts, put them into everyday language normal people like me can understand, and then weave them into interesting stories. For example, a great narrative from a lightning strike survivor from Colorado, along with lots of practical facts on lightning safety.

Jamie is hoping the book will be approachable and very fun to read. The main audience might be adults, but she think parents and kids who are interested in the outdoors would enjoy reading the chapters together, too.