Colorado Attorney General joins federal lawsuit against EPA


Cynthia Coffman, the Colorado Attorney General.

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DENVER — An environmental battle over clean air standards, which opponents say could jack up your utility rates by 20 percent!

It’s pitting Colorado and 23 other states against the EPA.

Colorado’s Attorney General has joined a federal lawsuit to stop the EPA from implementing new rules on carbon dioxide emissions.

But environmentalists say Colorado already has some of the toughest rules and will easily comply with the new regulations.

Opponents of the federal “clean power plan” say it would ” drive a stake through the heart” of Colorado’s multi-billion dollar coal industry, driving up utility rates nearly 20 percent since most of our power comes from coal-fired plants.

“The states that have joined this litigation and Colorado believe that we need some instruction from the court about whether the federal government has exceeded its jurisdiction,” said Cynthia Coffman, the Colorado Attorney General.

Coffman and 23 other Attorneys General say the EPA does not have authority to require states to enact pollution rules.

The “clean power plan” aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 40 percent by 2030.

“We’ve got a pro energy governor who supports the clean power plan and 67 percent of Coloradans also support the clean power plan so why she’s choosing to waste her time and taxpayer dollars on this is beyond me,” said Amy Runyon-Harms, with ProgressNow Colorado.

“The governor and I spoke yesterday and I reassured him that he and his administration can move ahead with implementation of the carbon dioxide emissions reductions,” said Coffman.

Opponents of the plan say the EPA is trying to take over the nation’s power grid and dictate how companies operate it.

“The irony here is that Colorado is really well positioned to meet the standards of the Clean Power Plan the governor is on board Senator Bennett is on board and Coloradans are on board too Cynthia Coffman is out of step with that,” said Anna McDevitt with Environment Colorado.

A federal judge will decide whether to delay the EPA plan.

The lawsuit is asking a federal court in Washington to stay the new rules to avoid spending further state resources, until a final decision is reached.

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