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DENVER — After years of accusations by nearly 60 women, for the first time, Cosby faces three charges of aggravated indecent assault for an alleged assault in January 2004.

The charges come nearly 12 years after the alleged crime involving a woman who says he drugged and raped her at his home in Philadelphia.

It’s a day many other alleged victims never thought would come, including two women from Colorado.

It was unexpected because the time to file criminal charges against Cosby had run out in most of the other cases.

In this case, the statute of limitations expires in January.

We spoke to two Colorado accusers who say today is a good one.

He walked into a Pennsylvania courtroom looking frail,  with a cane and held up by his attorneys.

“It’s a victory for all of us. That’s probably all we’ll be able to get and we will take it,” says Heidi Thomas of Castle Rock.

She says news of Cosby’s arrest was hard to believe, but also exciting and long overdue.

“His power, his influence, his money has kept him from being held accountable for five decades,” she says.

She was just 24 when she met Cosby as an aspiring actress.

He said he wanted to mentor her. But instead, she says he drugged and raped her in 1984.

“I accepted a cappuccino. Now, I know what I know. That cappuccino was drugged,” says Beth Ferrier of Denver.

She says Cosby also drugged and raped her in the mid-80’s.

It’s a similar story told by Andrea Constand–the woman whose case prosecutors today are taking to court.

“It sounds like he intentionally drugged her, and if that’s the case, then he’s going to get convicted,” says criminal defense attorney Dan Recht.

He says prosecutors can further bolster their case by introducing the many other allegations.

Fifty-eight women have come forward with rape allegations.

“What’s been at stake is money. Now, for the first time, what’s at stake is prison, real prison,” says Recht.

He is a man who entertained America for more than 50 years.

Now, his face prominent in a mugshot–and who at 78-years-old may go to prison for the rest of his life.

“Would I love him in jail? Yes. So he’s off the street and can never do this to anyone again,” says Thomas.

“I do not think prison is necessarily would be restitution for us. It’s been too long. And he’s too old. But he’s very smart,” says Ferrier.

Cosby has long denied the allegations.

And his lawyers say the charges are unjustified and they expect Cosby will be exonerated.