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DENVER (KDVR) — After a year of waiting, the Covid-19 vaccine seemed like a Godsend. However, the euphoria of getting a shot sure didn’t last long for some Coloradans.

“It started about 12 hours after I got the shot. I woke up at five in the morning and and was just throwing up every 10 minutes,” said Kimberly Forgy, who received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Forgy had a fever, chills, and body aches for two days after getting the vaccine, so did Stacy Grant’s 18 year-old daughter.

“She couldn’t even get out of bed. She had body aches and and headaches. She threw up more. She was nauseous and fatigued,” said Grant.

Teresa Salazar experienced urinary tract issues and loss of appetite after receiving the vaccine. However, she’s even more concerned now after learning the federal government has hit pause on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine after six women developed blood clots.

“I am prone to blood clots. I got a blood clot almost a year ago. I started having issues with my knee,” said Salazar.

Dr. Amy Duckro, an Infectious Diseases Physician with Kaiser Permanente, understands the concerns hospitals are hearing from patients, but says there’s no need to panic.

“This is a really low number of people,” Duckro said.

Duckro also says this isn’t uncommon for a vaccine following clinical trials.

“Once they pass that state and its released to the general population you’re then dealing with such a larger group of people that inevitably some things that you didn’t see in the study may be visible in the larger population,” said Duckro.

Duckro also says its unclear if the vaccine actually caused the clots.

“Just because you received a product and this happened, doesn’t necessarily mean its causative. It could be background information and experience, but that’s why we need to study it,” she explained.

However, that’s little comfort to some who received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and expected to feel relief, but are now worried.

“I’ll be paying attention for sure to how I feel,” said Kimberly Forgy.