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DENVER — Whether they support Brett Kavanaugh or Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Coloradans united around one thing Thursday — their TV screens.

As testimony got underway Thursday, students at Metropolitan State University of Denver tuned in.

Students with the campus TV station switched their attention from their channel to coverage of the hearing — curious to see how it would play out.

One called the coverage overwhelming, another described it as cringe-worthy, but all agreed it was important to watch.

“It’s very important to the country. We are at a pivotal time we are trying to figure out what kind of country we are going to be,” said Greg Gonzales.

Women from Colorado’s NARAL Pro-Choice America gathered around their office’s TV to watch the coverage. Some got emotional and frustrated listening to the questioning.

Throughout the U.S., citizens captured more images of Americans tuning in.

A passenger on a Jetblue flight took a photo of TV screens on the airplane tuned into the hearing.

Video also circulated of a large crowd lined up, trying to get into the hearing in Washington.