Coloradans may soon vote on late-term abortion ban

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DENVER — At the national level, abortion continues to dominate the conversation. From abortion bans in southern states to former Vice President Joe Biden recently flip-flopping his position on the Hyde Amendment, the debate continues.

The Hyde Amendment is a federal law which bans using federal dollars for abortions in most circumstances. After years of supporting the Hyde Amendment, on Thursday, Biden announced he would no longer support it.

In Colorado, the abortion debate may be intensifying.

On Friday, Erin Behrens, who opposes abortion, told FOX31 political reporter Joe St. George she is submitting to the Colorado Secretary of State a proposal for a ballot measure to ban late-term abortions.

Under the measure, abortions would be banned after 22 weeks. There would be an exception for the health of the mother, however, no rape or incest exemption would exist.

“This ballot measure would put into place a 22-week limit on abortion, which is about 5 months into pregnancy,” Behrens said. “The problem is there is no law. Colorado legalized abortion in 1967 and since then, Colorado has not put into place any time limits.”

The State’s Title Board will now determine if the measure is able to collect signatures. The number of signatures will be determined by Colorado law.

Voters would not vote on the measure until 2020.

For those who support reproductive rights in the state, they say the trend nationally with actual voters is to keep open options for women.

“Colorado voters are pretty smart — they figure this stuff out,” said Laura Chapin, an abortion rights spokeswoman. “It is a fundamental Colorado value that women should have access to healthcare that they need.”

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