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LOVELAND, Colo. — You can find all kinds of out there on everything from how to fix your computer, to fixing things around the house.

But now women can get help figuring out the opposite sex.

A new dating and relationship advice website launched on Monday from Loveland called

The site is opening the mysterious world of men to women.

The website’s founder, Rebecca Pittman, polled over 2,000 men the past four years to find out what they’re looking for in women.

Those answers culled from men on various dating websites, like Match, as well as AOL chat rooms.

Since men don’t come with owner’s manuals, a few taps of a keyboard can give you insight into the male mind.

We are telling people how to, what men are looking for, in dates, in relationships, whether you’re married or not,” says Pittman. gives women access to 40 instructional videos a month on dating do’s and don’ts–along with fitness, beauty and self-esteem.

Women can also ask any question of five men in their 20’s to 60’s who sit on the Bull Pen panel.

Some are married. Some are single. But each with opinions about women.

“All five of us answer each question. So you get all the insight that the decades have to provide,” says Ryan, 24, who didn’t want to give his last name.

And the biggest questions so far?

“This one question came up four times already, where this girl, her girlfriend’s boyfriend is hitting on her,” says Ryan.

There’s also this.

“The big one is, ‘He says he’ll call and then he doesn’t. What is up with that?’ So that was a fun one to see the men’s responses to. These guys are pretty blunt. They’ll say, ‘You know what? We can be jerks and a lot of times that’s our way to end an evening. We don’t know how else to do it,’ laughs Pittman.

So, if men are from Mars and women from Venus, at least there’s this place in cyberspace, where women can get help in solving the perplexing puzzle that are men.

“I didn’t expect there to be so many questions so soon. It’s a lot to take in. It’s interesting. I like giving the help, so to speak, to these women because men are complicated–just as women,” says Ryan.

It’s just the difference in how we’re wired. And yet isn’t that nice. Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same?” questions Pittman.

For $18.87, you get three months of unlimited access to

That also includes access to two psychiatrists who’ll answer your relationship questions.

Other similar website are in the works and include: TroubleshootingWomen, TroubleshootingMarriage, TroubleshootingYourTeen and TroubleshootingYourPet.