Colo. mom who survived in car 6 days after crash never doubted rescue would come

Kristin Hopkins survived in car six days after crash

Kristin Hopkins survived in car six days after crash

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DENVER — Once just hours from death, a Colorado woman who was trapped in her upside down car for nearly a week told CNN on Thursday that her recovery is going well.

Kristin Hopkins, who was reported missing on April 29, suffered severe injuries in the wreck near Fairplay, Colorado. Her feet were broken and had to be amputated because of the severity of her injuries. She also had five broken ribs, a fractured cheekbone and a lacerated liver.

She was able to move about in the car, but had no food or water. She used a permanent marker to write notes on a red-and-white umbrella that she stuck out a door she managed to get open.

But no one saw Hopkins until May 4, when she was, in doctors’ estimations, about eight hours from dying. A man on his way home from work thought he saw something in the trees and told his wife to pull the car over.

Andy and Hope Lombard called police.

Hopkins has been in a Denver-area hospital since being rescued and told CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that she feels great and always knew that she would live through the ordeal.

“I never had the doubt in my head that no one would find me,” she told CNN. “I just figured that it would be … tomorrow, someone would find me. Or later today, someone would find me. I never had the ‘Woe is me, I’m going to die’ at all.”

Hopkins said she rarely was conscious during her wait as the car rested in trees about 140 feet down a hill in a ravine off U.S. 285.

She doesn’t remember much. The accident, much of her time in the wreck, her rescue flight — she can’t recall any of it.

She does remember waking up in the car and it slowly setting in that she had been in a car accident. But she drifted in and out, and she told CNN she was awake for maybe a few hours.

“I took a lot of naps,” she said. “The next memory I have from the car to the next one was waking up in the hospital, but I was still kind of semi-unconscious.”

She said she could hear the nurses talking. And she could feel her cold body warming up.

Hopkins, a 44-year-old single mother of four, said she goes to physical therapy every day. Updates on her health are shared on a Kristin Hopkins Recovery Facebook page.

One recent one read: “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!”

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