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DENVER — First Lady Michelle Obama has received a Mother’s Day greeting from moms who oppose fracking.

In a full-page advertisement in Saturday’s New York Times, Mrs. Obama was asked to help hit the pause button on the controversial oil and gas drilling procedure.

The ad, sponsored by the group “The Mother’s Project,” was co-signed by several Colorado groups, including ones in Green Valley Ranch and Aurora.

Janet Damon of “Green Valley Ranch Families Against Fracking” said she hopes national leaders “from our First Lady Obama to our President to the wives of other congressmen would look and say this is something no mother should have to worry about.”

Damon and Sonia Skakich-Scrima of “What the Frack?! Arapahoe” believe the high-pressure underground drilling technique is hurting the environment and must be slowed and stopped.

“We’re seeing impacts to ground and surface water across the country and in Colorado,” said Skakich-Scrima. “Those you can’t fix, they’re not fixable.” She said air emissions that may well be toxic are a major concern, too.

“Those are scary things and as mothers that’s why we’re concerned about this altogether,” Skakich-Scrima said. Both women said there are multiple fracking operations on the drawing boards near their neighborhoods.

“What mother could go to sleep at night knowing that as their children are sleeping and breathing this air and drinking this water that there is a chance and a possibility that we could be poisoning our children?” Damon wondered. “I don’t think anyone wants to be the guinea pig in this.”