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AURORA, Colo. — The lives of two strangers have been changed forever after a life-threatening heart attack and coincidence brought them together.

Jeff Eshbaugh, 48, of Aurora was on a walking path when the heart attack hit on Sunday, September 22.

It was the type of heart attack that’s so severe, some doctors call it the “widow maker.”

“It’s the electrical instability of the heart rhythm,” says cardiologist Dr. George Pachello. “That’s what gets you. And it got him.”

Thankfully, Larry Black was driving by at the time. In fact, Larry was driving from church to work on a route that he doesn’t normally drive. That’s when he saw Jeff on the ground.

“All I could think of is this gentleman needs help,” Larry says.

He called 911, stopped  his car, got out and began performing CPR on Jeff. “I immediately started CPR, checked for breathing and so forth, and started CPR until the EMTs got there.”

“Were it not for prompt resuscitation, he would not be here today,” Dr. Pachello says of what happened to Jeff.

Larry and Jeff met each other for the second time Thursday. It’s actually the first time for Jeff because he has no memory of the incident. A good, strong handshake  showed that didn’t stop his gratitude for Larry.

“He’s my savior right now.”

Whether by sheer coincidence or divine intervention, it’s safe to say Jeff Eshbaugh is happy Larry Black crossed his path.

There is another coincidence in this story. Larry says he just finished CPR training one day before saving Jeff’s life.

Visit the American Red Cross website for information about getting CPR training.