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DENVER — The city of Denver is telling federal immigration agents to stay away from schools and courthouses.

The city says in a letter to Immigration and Customs Enforcement that some crime victims have refused to testify because of fears of immigration, while some students are skipping class out of fear.

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“We’re not trying to shield violent offenders here, we want to keep dangerous criminals off the streets just as much as ICE does,” Denver City Attorney Kristin Bronson said. “That’s not our goal. Our goal is to protect the sensitive locations.”

Bronson added Denver is not alone in voicing these concerns, as other cities have sent similar messages to ICE.

“The big difference for us is the level of fear and anxiety in the community surrounding these actions and we’ve seen a tremendous upsurge in that fear and anxiety,” Bronson said.

The city says it is fundamentally a public safety issue and protecting sensitive locations is already part of its federal guidelines.