Denver taking action to deal with rats at Civic Center Park

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DENVER — On Thursdays at Civic Center Park, the food trucks park and lunchgoers flock.

Thursday nights at Civic Center Park, the feast has begun because there are rats.

They might have been cute in Pixar’s “Ratatouille,” but real rats foraging for food is anything but appetizing.

“There is a rat population that we see in the evening, particularly, that come out after dark. They are primarily interested in a food source,” city of Denver spokeswoman Cindi Karvaski said.

That food source at Civic Center Park has increased.

More people producing more garbage, and more garbage means more gorging.

“We are constantly cleaning out our trash cans, emptying our trash cans in the park, ask the people that have events here in the park  to make sure that the park is cleaned up,” said Karvaski.

Nowadays that’s not enough. Every night the rats are seen in numbers rummaging through rubbish.

It’s not a mystery rats are a public nuisance at minimum and a serious health risk at worst.

Denver says the rats are not posing a health hazard, but they are keeping a watchful eye out, so please, don’t feed the rats.

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