Children must wear masks too, according to city, county health orders


DENVER (KDVR) — Cities and counties have begun to implement health orders requiring the public to wear masks, and while children are included in most mandates, the age at which their are required to wear masks varies.

In Denver, children over the age of 3 must wear masks in any business, when they enter a facility for a critical service and when they ride public transportation.

In Wheat Ridge, anyone over the age of 2 entering a critical business is required to wear a face covering. Wheat Ridge implemented the face covering requirement on April 27. It lasts through May 30.

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In Larimer County, children over the age of 2 must wear a face covering. The county’s health order supersede’s the city of Fort Collins’ health order that ruled children under 10 exempt from the health covering requirement. The order went into effect May 2.

In Boulder County, children under the age of 12 are exempt from wearing masks.

Rafi Nova, a Boston-based company, has shifted gears and begun making masks for adults and children during the pandemic. Owner Marissa Goldstein said getting children to wear masks is a challenge, but a few tips can make it easier.

Goldstein recommends allowing children to pick a mask print or color they like. Goldstein said making sure your child’s mask is fitted and comfortable helps. Goldstein said setting an example as a parent is critical. Lastly, she recommends making mask-wearing a game or competition.

“Try to make a game out of it. Who can keep their mask on the longest? Or pretending like they are super heroes and they are wearing a mask. Coming up with little things that make it fun for them,” said Marissa Nova with Rafi Nova.

As for wearing masks at daycare, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said children under 3 should not wear masks at daycare. If children ages 3 to 5 wear a mask at a daycare site, they must be supervised the entire time. If a child wearing a mask at daycare touches their mask frequently, parents and daycare supervisors should re-consider if it’s appropriate for the child to be wearing it.

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