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BALTIMORE, Md. — Kids love to play with their food, but what one 7-year-old did with his lunch put a whole school on alert and got him in some serious trouble.

The shootings in Newtown, Connecticut and threats at other schools have the nation on edge.

New rules ban many students from playing with toy weapons,  but second grader Josh Welch was  slapped with a two-day suspension for creating a gun with his munched on toaster pastry.

School officials at Park Elementary in Baltimore, Maryland say he then held the pastry up and shouted “bang bang.”

Josh denies doing that and says, “I did not do that, I did not go bang, bang, cause if it’s in school, I do not go bang, bang, bang, bang.”

The school sent a letter to parents of other students explaining the suspension and even offered counseling to any kids who may have been affected.

Josh’s father B.J. says the school made a horrible decision, “It’s not something that he should have been suspended for in the first place.”

Welch also says once he met with school officials, they shifted their story, saying it wasn’t so much about the pastry gun but that Josh,  who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, was being disruptive.

Welch says, “I’m kind of flustered about it because it just seems like maybe there’s a change of course, you know, maybe trying to down play it a little bit after all the media exposure.”

Little Josh says he’s ready to head back to class, but will be staying away from pop tarts and adds, “Heck no, ain’t doing that I don’t want to get suspended again.”