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Get your taste buds ready for the return of Cherry Creek North Food & Wine on August 11-14th. The event spotlight the district’s vibrant restaurant community and bring people together in celebration. Guests will have a variety of opportunities to meet the makers, mixologists and minds that have kept us nourished through quite unsavory times.

New this year, a percentage of event proceeds will benefit Food For Thought and their mission to fight childhood hunger in the Denver Community. It’s a local, 100% volunteer-run organization that supplies food to students across the city, guaranteeing that no student goes hungry over the weekend.

One of the event will be a ceviche making class with Toro restaurant and here’s the recipe so you can make it at home.

Pick Up

100        gr            diced tuna cubes of ½” (preferably japanese tuna #1) (3.5 oz)

5              gr            shaved radish (finely slice on japanese mandolin) (.17 oz)

10           gr            sliced cucumber (finely slice on japanese mandolin) (.35 oz)

6              gr            red onion (finely slice on japanese mandolin) (.21 oz)

40           gr            sweet potato Nikkei (1.41 oz)

6             gr            citrus liquid (liquid from sweet potato) (.21 oz)

2              gr            Peruvian canchas (can substitute with crispy quinoa SUB) (.07 oz)

12           gr            leche de tigre (.4 oz)

8              gr            ponzu (.28 oz)

28           gr            plantain chips (.98 oz)

28           gr            tortilla chips (.98 oz)

In a bowl add the tuna, onion, sweet potato, ponzu, leche de tigre, and salt and pepper to taste, mix together and plate. Decorate with cucumber, radish, quinoa, and micro cilantro. In a bigger separe bowl, add crushed ice to the top and put smaller bowl with ceviche on top of the ice. Served with plantain and tortilla chips.

Ponzu SUB

1st step make a “ponzu reduction”:

6          lt          mirin (202 fl oz)

28        gr         crushed red pepper flakes (1oz)

90        gr         kombu cut into half (3.17 oz)

750      gr         piloncillo (mexican molasses) or brown sugar (26 oz)

Mix the all the ingredients on pot, place the pot into the stove and make sure do not boil, always has to be at medium heat, reduce the liquid amount until you get 2 liters, that means you need to reduced 70% of the liquid amount; cool down in ice and do not strain, reserve cold.

2nd step make the “ponzu sauce”:

2          lt          ponzu reduction  (67 fl oz) at cold temperature

4          lt          soy sauce (135 fl oz)

2          lt          rice vinegar (67 fl oz)

1.5       lt          mirin (50 fl oz)

2.5       lt          sake (84 fl oz)

4          lt          yuzu (135 fl oz)

170      gr         kombu (6oz)

Combine all the ingredients on plastic container (avoid the stainless steel) and let them rest for 10 days minimum.

Leche de Tigre SUB

500      gr         lime juice (16.33 oz)

250      gr         white fish (8.15 oz) cod or mahi mahi preferred

70        gr         ice cubes (2.3 oz)

50        gr         celery (1.66 oz)

20        gr         salt  (.8 oz)

4          gr         garlic (.14 oz)

20        gr         ginger (.7 oz)

1          gr         black pepper (.03 oz)

Mix all the ingredients in a blender and pulse. Do not blend otherwise you can´t strain and it will become foamy consistency  Strain through a fine strainer (fine French chinoise) and chill.

Note: leche de tigre has to be made an a daily basis.

Yield: 500 gr (16.66 oz)

Sweet Potato Nikkei

1          kg        sweet potato (small dice) (2.2 lbs)

2000    ml        orange juice (fresh squeezed) (4.4 oz)

1          ea        star anise

1          ea        cinnamon stick

1          ea        cloves

283      gr         sugar (9.98 oz)

Add everything in small pot and cook from cold until potatoes are tender. Strain potatoes and save juice separately, pick out the spices. Let the juice and potatoes cool separately to prevent overcooking sweet potato. When cooled off, combine sweet potato and juice together and save for the service.

Crispy Quinoa

339      gr         white quinoa (12 oz)

1.90     lt          water (2 qt)

18        gr         salt (2 tbsp) (.63 oz)

Bring 2 quarts salted water to a boil. Add quinoas, cover, and reduce heat to medium-low. Simmer 12 to 14 minutes, or until quinoa is tender and small “tails” bloom from grains. Drain quinoa, and rinse under cold running water. Drain again.

Once completely cool fry the quinoa at 350F until golden brown and crispy. As soon as removed from fryer Season with salt. Allow to cool. Once completely cool store in an airtight container.