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AURORA, Colo — The Century16 theater in Aurora, the site of this summer’s mass shooting during a Batman movie, put up a new sign Tuesday afternoon.

SkyFox caught images of a crew installing a large mural on the theater.The theater’s red neon-lit sign has also been painted over and the number 16 has been removed.

The theater has not yet said publicly what the mural will be or if it is related to the shooting in any way.

The Aurora Sentinel reported Oct. 18, plans filed with the city to remodel the building include naming individual theaters by letter instead of number. The paper also reported theater 9, where the suspect opened fire, will become one of Cinemark’s “extreme digital cinemas.” It will feature screens that stretch from wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

The community has debated placing a memorial to the 12 people who were killed and 58 others who were injured during the July 20 shooting at the premier of the Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Some residents have wanted the theater demolished. Others wanted it to keep standing but to install a memorial of some kind.

FOX31 Denver has calls into the theater asking what the mural represents. This story will be updated as more information arrives.

The president of the theater company said in a letter to the city of Aurora in September he hopes the facility will reopen in the beginning of 2013.

The main suspect in the shooting, James Holmes, awaits trial.