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The world continues to fight disappointment as cancelled birthdays, graduations and other celebrations add up.
To make delivering joy to doorsteps easier than ever, Party City has launched several initiatives including: 

  • The Party Cancellation Hotline, recognizing how many parties have been cancelled — and encouraging customers to still celebrate #TogetherApart. Anyone can nominate a loved one who has had to cancel a celebration due to social distancing. Weekly winners will receive a curated surprise to bring the festivities home! 
  • Newly launched Adventure in a Box curated packages, ranging from birthday decor and commencements in a box, to easy activity ideas to keep the kids entertained — perfect for quickly pulling together everything you need to unbox an adventure at-home. 
  • Drive-by Virtual Birthdays Made Easy: From dropping off party favors, to virtual shared activities, and drive-by parades; it’s easy to make any virtual party unforgettable.