The fourth is all about red, white and blue and with what we eat its important to ‘eat the rainbow; including those patriotic colors. So Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Monicia Salfia with Mind on Nutrition is starting with part of my summer hydration routine – Suja!

Suja is a great go to for summer hydration. Whether you prefer coldpressed juice, something bubble or just need a mini but mighty functional shot to get you through the day, Suja has a drink for every lifestyle. 

Not only can you find drinks in red and blue colors but with immunity being more important than ever right now, my friends at Suja Organic have just what you need to give your immune health a boost! -Show immunity drink. 

Suja passione about chef-crafted delicious functional beverages that are always organix, cold pressed and with a clean label so pick up your favorites and amke them part fo your Suja routine.

Suja is available nationwide in major retailers or at