Yes, there is a day for everything including National Curried Chicken Day and Chef Charles Mani with the Urban Village Grill has some of the best curried chicken in town.

Curried chicken originated in India around 8000 years ago and is considered a classic Indian food; however, it’s been touched by many cultures around the world. The combination of spices prepared in this style originated in the Indian subcontinent, but the dish was influenced heavily by the Portuguese trading routes and the economic prosperity the Mughal Empire brought to the region, both starting in the early 15th century. In fact, the word “curry” wasn’t used to describe the dish until the British occupation of India starting in 1858.  Till this day, it is a dish commonly seen shared across families’ homes in India whenever there is a big celebration or when family wants to gather together for a meal at home.

Chef Mani and his staff invite you to come celebrate National Curried Chicken Day over a plate of his Not Your Grandma’s Butter Chicken.