As we approach Memorial Day, we wanted to share some easy ways you can help give back to the military community… By supporting some innovative brands founded by veterans with the mission of giving back.
Jennifer Sloan is here to share some brands you can feel good about supporting.

That’s right. Memorial Day should be so much more than bbqs and big sales. First and foremost we should honor those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. But we can also take the opportunity to support our veterans. You may not realize, but veteran business owners accounted for more than 6% of all U.S. employer businesses, and employ approximately 4 million workers.
Here are some very cool veteran-owned brands with products Coloradans will love. I am a huge fan of each of these products, tried them all. And every purchase supports non-profit military organizations. You’ll see- each of these products were created to meet a need, to make something better than what was on the market. All made in the USA.
Kill Cliff makes the best tasting clean energy drinks. Founded by a Navy SEAL with the mission of giving back to the SEAL community. They have already donated $1 Million to the Navy SEAL Foundation. No junk, no sugars, no artificial colors or sweeteners. They have a hydration and recovery product that is so much better than those sugary sports drinks. They also have a caffeinated drink, Ignite. And a CBD drink that gives you all the great benefits of CBD – stress relief, muscle recovery, reduces inflammation.
Battle Bars. Do not let the name fool you. Battle Bars may have been founded and created by military veterans. They’re not just for dudes on the battlefield. They are for anyone and everyone. Clean ingredients, completely free of junk and fillers and contain collagen and antiocidants. The base of all of their protein bars is a marshmallow rice crisp – basically an adult rice crispy treat ;) Favorites are Blue Falcon Blueberry, Peanut Butter, S’Mores and Cookies & Cream.
VRB Labs. VRB labs takes the guessing out of it. It’s tough to know how much is in a product, which products are good for stress relief or muscle pain or sleep. The two veterans who created VRB Labs had the same problem and wanted the very best for themselves. So they’ve made it super easy, with specific blends for what you need most – stress relief, pain relief and sleep. The blends also contain adaptogens and nootropics to help target these problems. And! 10% of all profits benefit military veteran non-profits.
Protekt is a line of supplements created by Navy SEAL veterans and athletes. And it’s perfect for the Colorado outdoor lifestyle! The products are really designed to help outdoor lovers thrive. They have blends to maximize hydration, give you energy and help with sleep. The powders instantly dissolve – without that cloud of dust or ring around your water bottle that many powders have. The energy blend is made with green coffee beans and won’t give you that high and then a crash. I truly love these products! No sugar, clean, natural ingredients.