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DENVER — “Rocky Mountain High” is a great song by John Denver, but it is a bad state of mind to be in if you’re going to drive an automobile.

That’s why the Colorado Department of Transportation rolled out its slow-speed chase on Wednesday at Civic Center Park in Denver.

CDOT said the goal is to raise awareness about the dangers and legal consequences of driving high.

They plan to accomplish this was with a publicity stunt, a slow-speed chase involving two vehicles. One looked like a police cruiser and the other looked like a car wrapped in bright marijuana leaf designs.

CDOT hopes the slo-mo po-po car will cause marijuana users to think twice before getting fried and then jumping in their Ford.

“Fifty percent of marijuana users admitted to us that they have driven high in the last 30 days and over 30 percent actually think that they are better drivers when they are high,” CDOT spokesman Sam Cole said.

The Colorado State Patrol said about 15 percent of its DUIs are related to marijuana. That’s up from about 12 percent from a few years ago.

So maybe the official song of this year’s 4/20 event at Civic Center Park should be the Beatles’ “Drive my Car.”