Caught on video: Racial slurs hurled at woman waiting for bus

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DENVER — A Denver woman says she is living in fear after being verbally assaulted with racial slurs.

That man’s comments were caught on camera and are now being shared on social media.

The woman called police, but she says they couldn’t help her.

The woman says she was near the state Capitol at Broadway and Colfax, when out of nowhere a man began to verbally assault her because she was speaking Spanish.

Mari, who asked to not be identified, says the men asked her, “Why you talk Mexican (sic)? Why you talk (sic) Mexican Spanish? …(I) … no like Mexicans.”

The man can be heard on the recording screaming a number of racial vulgarities.

Mari, who depends on the bus to get around, says she is still scared.

Not knowing a lot of English, she tried to calm the man down saying she was a Christian and did’n want trouble.

On the recording the unidentified man can be heard saying, “Where is he? Are you that stupid … Jesus don’t’ exist you **** Idiot.”

The man finally wandered off.

Mari then called police who said there wasn’t much they could do.

A DPD spokesman said the man’s actions, “do not rise to the level of a crime.”

If specific threats are made, then “it does rise to a criminal level.”

Mari was hoping charges could be filed, so that the same thing wouldn’t happen to anyone else.

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