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LITTLETON, Colo. (KDVR) — People living in a Littleton condo are hoping the community can help identify the person flinging human feces on their front porch.

Hope Doucette and her roommates walked out on their porch and were instantly hit by an awful smell last month. Then they checked their Ring camera footage and couldn’t believe their eyes.

Surveillance obtained by FOX31 shows a hooded figure inching towards the porch, lunging over then dumping and flicking something in a cup before tiptoeing back away.

“I was like ‘is this really human poop’, smelled it first and then saw this I was in disbelief like who did this,” resident Hope Doucette said, adding “That’s taking it to a whole other level it should never be on. It’s not egging or toilet papering a house, that could make someone sick.”

Doucette is even more disturbed because it happened twice now. The first time the feces flinger struck on Aug. 21 after 11 pm. Then on Thursday night, it happened again. Police were notified both times.

“We don’t know who could have done it what caused it. As far as we all know, we haven’t wronged someone bad to have done this,” Doucette said. 

One of Doucette’s roommates’ 8-year-old lives in the quiet Steeplechase condominiums with them.

“They had to carry this into a cup what did they do poop in a cup and carry this? I don’t understand,” she said.

Doucette believes it is a younger male who did this. Community members are commenting on the fact that it appears the suspect is not wearing shoes in the footage.

“The person in the video doesn’t have shoes on so it looks like it could be a neighbor, but we do not recognize the figure doesn’t look familiar at all,” she said.

If you have any information, you are urged to call Littleton police.