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MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. — If you live along the Front Range and happen to have deer in your neighborhood, don’t be surprised if you’re visited by a mountain lion in the near future.

Mountain lions tend to make themselves more noticeable this time of year. In Manitou Springs, one man has had four mountain lion encounters over the last four days.

“This last time two of them showed up and that was a bit of a surprise,” said John Vomastic.

Vomastic has surveillance videos strapped to the side of his home. In the middle of the night, the cameras pick up whatever walks by them. He’s captured bears, bobcats and turkeys on camera, but 95 percent of the time it’s always a mountain lion.

Vomastic was surprised to see two of the cats on camera at once because mountain lions tend to be solitary creatures. However, there are instances where more the cats will hang out together.

“In this video it’s a bit hard to tell, but it could be a mom and her cub or two juveniles,” said Abbie Walls with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife believes the state’s mountain lion population is around 5,000 to 9,000.

Word of warning: if you have small pets, make sure to bring them in around dawn and dusk because they can be easy prey.

Mountain lions tend to go after deer more than any other animal.