What started as a labor of love, Liz Wright and her sister Mandy Atkinson created a school to help every child through the power of education.

Catch a Star Academy was created to focus on helping kids build a solid foundation in the fundamental skills of reading, writing and math so they are prepared and have confidence to succeed in middle school and beyond.

Instead of pulling kids out of class for extra help throughout the school day, or relying on after school tutoring, which can be tiring for kids and expensive for parents, they have created a setting where individualized instruction can ensure great gains during the school day, leaving plenty of time each day for kids to be kids.

The small school setting and incredibly low student to teacher ratio (10:1) allows teachers to provide individualized instruction tailored to students’ needs. They have a flexible, active learning classroom design that gives our students the opportunity to learn in a way that suits them best, whether it’s wiggling on their active chairs, snuggling up with a book in our cozy reading nook, or taking in the fresh outdoors while they learn. 

This year, Catch a Star Academy are accepting students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.  They want to make this learning option available to all families, so we are enrolling all students tuition-free!