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DENVER — Denver prosecutors on Friday released the entire case file in the Travis Forbes investigation. 

Among other things, it includes an audio recording of a conversation between Forbes and a Denver Police detective in which Forbes talked about other victims, besides Kenia Monge, who Forbes admits to murdering.

 In August of 2011, Forbes was in jail in Fort Collins, accused of sexually assaulting and trying to kill a Fort Collins woman.  Denver Police suspected him in the death of Monge, a teenager who had disappeared in April after visiting a Lower Downtown Denver bar with friends.

The case file shows detectives were able to make a general map of Forbes’ locations the night Monge disappeared and the next day using tracking information from his cell phone. They conducted extensive searches, but were unable to find Monge’s body. 

Kenia Monge
Kenia Monge

The detective told Forbes that was causing even more anguish for her grieving family, but Forbes was unmoved and concerned only about himself.  

“Something I need to do is find out what the definition of sociopath is, because I’m pretty sure I fit in,” Forbes told the detective.

Forbes said he wanted to confess, but wanted to work out the best deal for himself.  He repeatedly expressed self pity, saying he had a great life, good friends and his health, but wasted it.

The only thing he regretted was facing life in prison. 

“Now I will spend the rest of my life in prison being raped.  I will be raped.” 

When the detective asked him if there were more victims, Forbes replied: “When everything comes to light it’s going to be horrific.  Horrendous.” 

 “Because there are more victims out there we don’t know about?“ the detective asked. “It’s just a matter of time before they come up?”

The report says Forbes nodded, “yes.”   

When asked how many more victims, Forbes told the detective he couldn’t say anything.   

Forbes said he would confess everything if he could go to prison without being labeled a sex offender. 

At several points in the interview, Forbes indicated there were other victims.  But at the end of the interview he told the detective, “There’s only one and it happened a long, long time ago.”

As part of a plea deal, Forbes pled guilty to trying to kill the Fort Collins woman and murdering Monge.  He was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Denver prosecutors say the police investigation into other possible victims did not go anywhere.