DENVER (KDVR) — Matt Stone and Trey Parker told the New York Times that they spent over $40 million to renovate Denver’s iconic pink restaurant, Casa Bonita.

The pair spoke with the publication and said investors told them to give up after they spent $20 million.

And if that doesn’t seem like enough — it also reportedly took 27 tries to match the exact shade of pink for the tower.

Is Casa Bonita Open?

Casa Bonita is not fully open to the public yet, with the reopening to happen in multiple phases.

Currently, people can sign up for a lottery on the restaurant’s website. The lucky few winners will have a chance to attend dinner with five family members.

There are a few phases after that, with the ultimate goal to open seven days a week for all-day service.

What can you expect?

The exterior wasn’t the only part of the restaurant that got a revamp.

FOX31 was able to take a look inside at the renovated interior, including the lagoon, Black Bart’s Cave, and much more.

Safety was also a priority, with the restaurant intending to place metal detectors at both the public and staff entrances.

One thing that was absolutely not forgotten in the reopened preparations: the food.

The reopened restaurant’s menu, created by James Beard award-winning Executive Chef Dana Rodriguez, includes Mexican staples like enchiladas and carnitas.

She said her goal with the menu was to “improve everything, but change nothing.”

And, of course, there will be sopaipillas. It wouldn’t be Casa Bonita without those.