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DENVER — One of the busiest avenues on Denver’s Capitol Hill is in the spotlight as activists urge city officials to do more to keep pedestrians safe. Those living in the neighborhood say the street needs to be redesigned.

“Cars are speeding, they’re tailgating,” concerned parent Rachel Griffin said.

In many ways, East 13th Avenue is not unlike other city streets, but pedestrians say there are some serious safety issues.

“Getting out on 13th is always a challenge,” a pedestrian said.

The complaints center on the avenue’s current design. Much like Colfax — with narrow sidewalks — 13th was designed with drivers in mind.

“The planners were thinking about how do we get people in and out of the city, but they weren’t thinking about the role 13th plays for the surrounding neighborhood,” said Jill Locantore with WalkDenver.

Locantore and Griffin are gearing up for a community meeting next month before petitioning their city government for change.

“It would be nice to see natural barriers in place to encourage people to drive safely,” Griffin said.

Griffin and others want wider sidewalks that extend into wider curbs. The new design would shorten walks at intersections for pedestrians and narrow driving lanes.

Denver police say there have been 10 crashes involving pedestrians on East 13th between Broadway and York over the past year. Denver Public Works says it is open to working with residents.

A recent city-wide crash report shows 13th does not appear to be one of the city’s top crash corridors for pedestrians, according to public works.

However, 13th and Broadway is listed as a top crash intersection, according to the department. City officials say they are focused on improvements at that intersection.

The 13th Avenue community meeting is scheduled for June 7 from 6 to 7 p.m. at Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods, at 1290 Williams St.