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DENVER — Grace Petroff has a lot to cheer about.

Two years ago, doctors found a malignant brain tumor, and the chemotherapy caused her to lose a lot of weight. Petroff went down to 67 pounds, she was in a wheelchair, had a feeding tube and lost all of her hair.

She went through two years of treatment, but through it all, Grace stayed positive.

Grace decided while she was at Children’s Hospital being treated, that she wanted to give back and to help raise money to help researchers find a cure for cancer so other kids wouldn’t have to go through what she was going through.

“This is a big thing for me, something to look forward to,” Petroff said.

Grace’s Race attracted 700 runners and raised more than $40,000 dollars, which will be donated to the Morgan Adams Foundation.

The foundation funds pediatric cancer studies here in Colorado for doctors like Nicholas Foreman, who treated Grace at Children’s Hospital.

Grace and her family said that 10 years ago, someone donated the money for research that ended up saving her life, and she now wants to do the same for other children.