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It’s no secret that hydration is key in hot weather — but often we forget that it’s just as important in colder months. During a normal day, no matter the season, we lose about two liters of water. Add in the component of exercise, and we can lose up to two liters per hour.

James Mayo, Chief Hydration Officer and Co-Founder of SOS Hydration says, no matter the season, we lose about two liters of water doing daily activities like eating, sleeping and working.

Why is it just as important to hydrate in winter?
Layers of clothing can over-regulate our temperature, and when we sweat, our clothing immediately absorbing the sweat we would otherwise feel. This can lead us to not notice when we’re losing fluids.
The indoor heat not only dries out your skin, but it can impact your fluid intake and lead to dehydration.
What are the tips and tricks to prioritize hydration?
Drink an 8-ounce electrolyte solution before your morning coffee to hydrate your cells, so you can maximize the caffeine intake. Switch your evening cocktail for an electrolyte drink. Electrolytes absorb more water to allow your cells to only take in what you need, preventing you from getting up to pee at night.