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DENVER — Some businesses along Colfax Avenue say the the street is in major need of a face-lift.

The Colfax Collaborative is a group of businesses along the corridor who joined together saying they have not seen a major public investment for improvements in more than 50 years.

The group is asking neighbors, supporters and business owners to urge the mayor and Denver City Council to restore full funding for the improvement of one of the city’s most iconic streets.

“I started here. I bought properties, raised my kids. It’s been all my life. Good or bad, it’s been my life,” said Pete Contos, owner of several businesses along Colfax. “Colfax needs to be resurfaced, cleaned up, sidewalks and all that.”

But those improvements could be in jeopardy.

This spring, $20 million in pedestrian safety and street scape improvements were recommended for funding, but a bond committee cut the funding to $6 million for only necessary improvements such as road construction.

It’s estimated that in the next 25 years, more than 110,000 new jobs, an additional 40,000 trips per day and 25,000 new residents will come to the Colfax Avenue corridor.

“The volume of people have really moved up there’s a lot more people around here,” Tannia Chamberlayne said. “I’ve seen so many accidents almost happen and so many accidents that did happen.”

The Colfax corridor is asking for the public’s help in lobbying for full funding for pedestrian medians, more stoplights to prevent jaywalking, and better streetlights.