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DENVER — Burglars are stealing patio furniture in several Denver neighbors including Washington Park, Capitol Hill, Park Hill, and Montclair.

“We came back after work and everything was gone,” said Capitol Hill resident Jerry Levin. Levin’s porch bench pillows and cushions were stolen on Friday. “When anybody takes anything without permission, it’s something that doesn’t make you feel very good.

In the past month, a dozen similar cases have been reported to police.

“Somebody had come up in the middle of the day and walked off with my furniture, even though I was inside the house,” said Montclair resident David MacLeod. “It wasn’t really the value of the chairs I was worried about. I was more concerned about someone having a brazen attitutde to come up during the middle of the day while I was home and steal stuff right off of my porch.”

Stolen items range in worth between $50 to $400.