Bullets pierce man’s window as fight breaks out in Five Points neighborhood

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DENVER — An up-and-coming area of Denver, once plagued with a reputation for being dangerous, witnessed a piece of its past get in the way of its future early Monday morning.

Denver’s Five Points community has done a lot over the past couple of years to revitalize itself and change its crime-ridden character.

But around 1:20 a.m. Monday, a fight broke out near 27th and California streets, eventually leading to shots being fired.

“Its old face shows up sometimes,” said Edward, who did not want to reveal his last name.

He was involved in the shooting and could have lost his life.

“It was more like an explosion when this hit,” said Edward, pointing to his bedroom window.

One of the bullets fired in the brawl pierced through Edward’s window, directly where he was standing, moments before he took cover.

“Glass and plaster went everywhere,” he said.

Edward and his wife were startled and jumped behind their bed to take cover. As they hid, the sound of gunfire rang louder outside their window.

“Just a rapid fire,” he said. “Six or seven shots just came out.”

The bullet whizzed through his window and ricocheted off the bedroom wall. Stickers reading “Exhibit A,” “Exhibit A1″ and “Exhibit A2″ now sit above the bullets’ markings.

Before the Denver Police Department arrived, the brawl faded. The people involved in the fight and shootout were nowhere to be found. Later that morning, Edward and his wife discovered another bullet hit their car and was lodged into its front right tire.

“Knowing the history of Five Points, better play it safe,” Edward said as his vehicle was being towed to be repaired.

Police aren’t sure what caused the incident, but neighbors seem to think it was gang related. Edward and his wife moved to Denver less than a year ago. They relocated from Oakland, Calif., a city known for its crime.

Edward said in all the cities he has lived — Oakland, New York and Miami — he has never dealt with a situation quite like this. He knows Five Points is a wonderful community and doesn’t plan to move despite his close encounter.

“I just think it’s going through some growing pains,” he said.

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