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LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. — The Larimer County Coroner’s Office released the names Monday of two children who drowned in Pinewood Springs on Mother’s Day.

Paul “Jacob” Foreman, 10, and his brother, Daniel Foreman, 7, attended Laurene Edmondson Elementary School in Loveland. Their grandfather, Paul Foreman of Colorado Springs, said they were at the top of their classes and very well loved.

They were visiting their father, Jeff Foreman, 45, having a great time when fun turned to tragedy. Jacob and Daniel Foreman and a neighbor’s son, London, had come with their dad on a picnic near the Little Thompson River about noon.

Paul Foreman said his son lost sight of his boys for a minute and went looking for them in an area known as “The Tubs.” Jeff Foreman then jumped into the swirling pools of water looking for them, only to get sucked in and spit down the staircase of water into the high-running river.

He struggled to get out, nearly drowning, when he saw his two sons on the sandy shore of the water within just a foot of each other.

“They were probably hugging each other to get out,” Paul Foreman said.

Jeff Foreman desperately tried reviving the boys with CPR, while he hollered at London to run and get help. His mother and father returned, followed by emergency crews, but it was too late.

Paul Foreman said the boys had two contusions on their heads. Jeff Foreman was also banged up and placed in an ambulance.

“He was one of the most devoted dads anyone could ever have. I will never be as good a dad as he was,” Paul Foreman said.

“I can’t look over there without crying and I can still see those two little boys over there playing on the sidewalk,“ neighbor Myrna Bachman said.

Neighbors of the boys and their mother, Natalia Foreman, said the news is unimaginable. They had lived in their Loveland home in the 4300 block of Roosevelt Avenue for about a year.

Neighbors can’t believe two bright children with their entire lives ahead of them left in an instant.

“Mom and Jeff, they are in our prayers. They need our prayers,” Bachman said.

The two were divorced. Paul Foreman said they can only speculate that Daniel fell in the water and his big brother fell in trying to get him out. Paul Foreman also said the boys’ mother is hospitalized under a suicide watch.

A friend has set up a GoFund me account to help her during this difficult time. There is a second page set up as well.

The boys’ school is sending letters to parents offering counseling for fellow students.