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DENVER (KDVR) — Family members of Suzanne Morphew say they are not giving up in their search to find the missing mother of two. Few clues have surfaced since her disappearance– creating a mystery as to what happened to the Chaffee County woman. Morphew, a mother of two, vanished nearly four months ago.

“She could light up a room with her smile,” said Morphew’s older brother Andrew Moorman. “Just a beautiful human being.”

The 49-year-old reportedly left her Chaffee County home to enjoy a bike ride. She never returned. Authorities said a neighbor reported her missing on Mother’s Day of 2020.

“Suzanne would never leave her home or her daughters,” Moorman said. “There’s just no way.”

Moorman suspects foul play. He spoke to FOX31’s Indianapolis affiliate during a vigil for Morphew on Saturday in Alexandria, Indiana. He used the event to drum up support to find her.

“The investigators have asked us to stay reasonably quiet and we have,” he said. “But I’m past that point now. It’s time to get this out in the media and get some volunteers together and march on Salida, Colorado and find my little sister.”

Moorman has already been to the Salida area. He said he arrived the day after his sister was reported missing.

“I woke up that morning … I looked out the window of the place I was staying and I just cried because the mountains are so big … and it was like looking for a needle in a haystack,” Moorman said.

His plan is to enlist as many volunteers as possible and set out from Indiana on September 23rd. Moorman said he wishes Suzanne’s husband, Barry, would be more helpful.

“I don’t feel like he’s fully cooperated with investigators,” Moorman said. “He should’ve taken a lie detector and a voice analysis and anything else they ask him to do … he’s gone kind of quiet.”

Those willing to volunteer should contact a crime-solving organization called Profiling Evil, according to Moorman.