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With more and more offices asking employees to return to the office, a recent study shows that 100% of formerly onsite employees are anxious about returning to the workplace. In fact, Harvard Business Review recently reported that 65% of employees would rather put up with lower pay than deal with a bad workplace environment.

Colorado-based company TheCultureBiz is relaunching to help employers and employees with this shift by offering tools and services to build team culture through play. Its two activity crates were developed to help team members reconnect with each other, fuel communication, encourage innovation and simply put: have fun.

CEO Katie Wall has used theater, art and play in her work as a professional facilitator and high performance teaming expert, helping Kaiser Permanente, DocuSign, Atlassian and others build stronger teams. COO Courtney Jacobson, a social worker by trade, has experience directing summer camp and preschool programs, using play as a foundation for building and maintaining connected teams.