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DENVER — It soon will be legal in Colorado to break a car window to rescue a child or dog from a hot vehicle.

The law goes into effect in August and give immunity to any good Samaritan who takes action.

It happens all too often where owners leave their animals in vehicles when temperatures get hot.

The new Colorado law, which takes effect Aug. 9, will allow citizens to take their own action.

“The proper protocol is  to look around for the owner of the dog, to once they break the window, call authorities,” said Maia Brusseau with the Dumb Friends League. “And they must feel the  animal is in imminent dangers of death before they break the window “

The Dumb Friends League advises people to leave their dogs at home when the weather gets hot.

“It’s just better to not leave your dog in a hot car,” Brusseau said.

Exceptions are breaking a police vehicle with a dog inside. Anyone who breaks a car window must stay with the animal and call police.